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        "Hung Shing" was the God of the Sea. Many fishermen living along the sea-shore in the south of China worshipped Hung Shing. According to history, Hung Shing was an important official in Tong Dynesty, with surname "Hung" and given name of "Hei". He knew much about the geography and astronomy. He helped the merchants and fishermen a lot with his knowledge. However, he was gone early. It was a wish of the people that Hung Shing's spirit could protect them and bring them luck continuously. Therefore, the people built temple in memory of him and worshipped him. The Emperor of Tong Dynasty also awarded him as the King of South Sea.

        Hung Shing Temple, situated in Fuk Tsun St. Tai Kok Tsui, originally was a temple in the Fuk Chuen Village which was located at the intersecting point of the Boundary Street and Tai Kok Tsui Road. In 1928, as the Government developed the area, the Fuk Chuen Village was to be clear. The Hing Shing Temple was moved to the present site in Fuk Tsun Street which was named after the Fuk Chuen Village. Inside the Temple, there was the Bronze Bell of the year 1887 and the laid down stone in 1930. Apart from the God of the Sea "Hung Shing", there were also Wong Tai Sin, Koon Yim, God of the Earth, King of North etc., inside the Temple. Every 13th February in Lunar calendar, people would organize a series of activities to thank Hung Shing for bringing luck and safe to them for the year. It became the traditional date of Hung Shing Festival.

        After the removal of the Hung Shing Temple to Tai Kok Tsui, it was managed by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. The Temple was defined by the Antiquities Advisory Board as Grade III Building.

History of Hung Shing Temple